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If you’ve been following us this year, you remember we kicked off our first episode of 2021 Speaking of Curves with a very special guest, the owner of Medeiros Fashion PR, Emma Medeiros. Medeiros Fashion Pr is the FIRST public relations firm in the US to specialize in the plus-size fashion industry. Now that’s a really big deal! Her firm represents plus-size models, plus size and size-inclusive designers, retailers, media outlets, photographers, event planners, for women and men.

We sat down with Emma and got the scoop on all things Medeiros Fashion PR and her journey in the business.

Emma Medeiros Gives Us An Exclusive Look into the World of PR!

Tell us a little bit about your brand and who you serve?

We are the FIRST public relations firm in the US to specialize in the plus size fashion industry so clients can be assured that each and every connection we have will benefit them; no wasted time, money, or effort.

Typical clients include plus size and size inclusive designers, retailers, stylists, models, bloggers, and publications. We offer services such as press outreach, fashion event assistance, social media management, partnership development, press release creation, media list development, feature article creation, blog page setup, writing, and commenting, social media linking, directory submissions, and recruiting participants for fashion events. Our services are competitively priced with the industry, ranging from $75 to $10,000, and each client receives a customized package to meet their goals and budget needs.

What or who inspired you to launch your business? What led you to it?

I started Medeiros Fashion Public Relations after realizing that, out of the thousands of fashion public relations firms in the US, not one of them specialized in this exploding industry. Can’t have that!!! To me, fashion is simply fashion. Why should plus size fashion be just an afterthought when the majority of women in this country fall into that category? We want to be sexy, feminine, and fashionable, and designers, retailers, etc, are finally waking up to that fact.

Did your business start off as a side hustle or did you jump in full-time? Share your evolution!

I was working at Sephora as a skincare expert when I launched it and was able to quit about a year and a half later to be 100% self-employed, which was a great feeling even though I loved Sephora. 

What are the challenges, if any, you face regarding running a plus size business?

First of all, any entrepreneur will tell you that the idea of having a day “off” is a foreign concept. While, of course, I make time for my family, friends, and cats (mainly cats, lol), there’s never a single day when I don’t do something business-related, even just sending out some emails.

Second, finances can be a struggle, especially in the beginning or during this COVID craziness. Sometimes I only had a few hundred dollars per month and had to tighten my belt so much it was hard to breathe. Thankfully, self-employed people are allowed to get unemployment during the pandemic, which helped tide us over during the worst of it. I’ve also signed several new clients and many of the ones who had to stop during the shutdown are coming back, so things are looking up!

Another challenge is fighting back against those who accuse me of “promoting obesity”. From a purely medical standpoint, carrying more weight than your body is designed for is not good. What I do promote is that everyone should be able to dress to feel good about themselves. If I drape myself in a shapeless muumuu, I will feel depressed and even bigger, so I may as well go to Ben & Jerry’s and pig out on 10 pints of ice cream (mmm, Peanut Butter Cup). If I’m wearing flattering clothes that make me feel like a million bucks, though, I’m going to want to exercise and eat better to keep that amazing feeling.

What do you wish the mainstream media/ fashion industry knew about plus size fashion and the industry? 

We. Want. To. Give. You. Money! There’s nothing more frustrating than walking into a store, ready to binge on a whole new spring wardrobe, only to realize that there is exactly one rack of plus size clothes, all of which my 94-year-old grandmother would not be caught dead in. A huge misconception stores have is that plus size people don’t want to spend money on clothes because we’re trying to lose weight. Fake news! If anything, we’re willing to spend more on clothes that fit properly and make us feel fabulous.

We do not want pity. We do not want judgement. We do not want to “skinny shame” smaller people. We only want respect and equal access to fashion; body positivity is not about overweight people giving up on trying to be healthy, it’s about making peace with your body no matter what size it is. Fashion equality leads to equality in so many other areas as well. After all, the plus size fashion industry wouldn’t have come nearly as far as it has without those fighting for rights for gender, racial, LGBTQPIA, etc. Equality equals equality.

What do you think about where plus size fashion is today versus a few years back?

While we still have a long way to go, we have truly made massive strides, especially by making the leap into mainstream media. For so long, we were relegated to strictly plus size media outlets but now we’re gracing the covers of outlets like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, you name it. That is a huge step because the “regular” fashion industry is starting to see us as legitimate.

How can we best support you and your business?

Spread the word! The industry is exploding exponentially, which is amazing but it also means that there’s much more competition and lots of plus size and size inclusive brands (many of which are probably owned by the people reading this) are getting lost in the clutter. Medeiros Fashion PR can cut right through and make sure your voice is heard so book your FREE consultation today at emma@medeirosfashionpr.com.

Are you working on anything or have anything to share?

In addition to growing the business, of course, I’ve also been writing more, contributing to several magazines such as FabUplus and Smooches, so I can be both a publicist and journalist, giving our clients even more value for their money. I’m also ridiculously excited to be part of a fashion documentary that will be premiering later this year! I can’t publicly say anything about the details yet but it will be a blockbuster. Stay tuned!

​”I chose to specialize in the plus size fashion industry because, although plus size people make up the majority of the population, we (and our purses) have been greatly ignored until recently. Now that that’s finally shifting and the power of the plus size movement is being realized, I am determined to give plus size and size inclusive designers, models, photographers, etc, the voice that they deserve!”

Emma Medeiros

We all know Miss Rona came through and shook a lot of stuff up so it’s important now more than ever to find ways to support small businesses and creatives. Emma dropped a few PR gems to help creatives and business owners navigate through the difficulties and establish a new normal.

Get creative!

Emma advises all creatives and entrepreneurs to get in their creative bags and pull out all the resources they have available to them to keep their business thriving. She also recommends that they nurture and grow their social media presence and develop relationships with other creatives and entrepreneurs that share the same space.

Ya’ll better get into that free game! Emma has worked with some of the most notable designers, models, and event planners in the Plus Size Industry! She definitely knows what it takes If you missed this interview, you can go back and view it here!

Here is how you can learn more about Medeiros Fashion PR and stay connected:





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