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Every plus size person wants the chance to go into a plus size boutique or shop that is catered to them or one that accommodates their curves-YES?

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Welcome to The Plus Directory, your home to help you, the plus size shopper, find the plus size resources to shop, socialize, and support plus size fashion community.

As the years pass, more and more plus size boutiques are popping up, catering to a vast array of plus size women, offline. The contemporary, fast fashion, conservative, and edgy womxn.

Well, we have rounded up the must-know and must-shop plus size directory of plus size boutiques, designers, retailers, and plus size events that let you partake in the festivities!



If you are looking for more than plus size boutiques, make sure that you check out our resource page for the plus size designers, plus size bridal designers, plus size lingerie, and more! Just hit resources tab in the menu, to find all the plus size fashion that you are looking for!  

If you know of a boutique not listed, please let us know so we can correct this! 🙂