Boutique To Know: Plus Size Consignment Heaven, Fat Fancy!

Fat Fancy Boutique - Plus Size Consignment Boutique
If you are looking for a fun plus size consignment store to play in, check out this resale store, Fat Fancy in Oregon, that you need to know!

Have you ever walked into a clothing store and felt like you were in your own personal heaven? Shopping has never been an activity I much enjoyed. Clothing just never fit right and my big bold style?

Forget that.

I stuck it out with online Facebook groups and resale apps. Last year while I was visiting Portland I just had to stop by Fat Fancy, a plus size resale store with a fantastic reputation.

Walking into Fat Fancy felt like getting a big warm hug and was so memorable.

Fat Fancy plus size consignment store ©2019

Fat Fancy is so much more than just another resale store. It’s a community hub and as a store that focuses on fat fashion, it’s already unique.

They carry sizes starting at 14 and up with no cap, however have at least up to a size 34/36 on a given day.

If you come into my shop you best bet I am going to try and get to know you on a personal level. Some people come to me not ever having loved their body. Bee, Owner of Fat Fancy

When you walk into Fat Fancy, you can find clothing that’s incredibly unique, bold and makes sure everyone knows you WANT to be noticed.

Bee, the owner, is a fat non binary queer femme who has created a space that’s almost like a bookstore or a small local coffee shop. It’s a community staple.

Fat Fancy plus size consignment store ©2019

Fat people gather, shop together, laugh together, forming a bond over fashion that’s hard to find in real life anymore.

The best part about Fat Fancy is that it’s not just for people who can shop in person. See, you don’t have to be in Portland to get the Fat Fancy experience or buy some fabulous clothing.

Bee hosts Facebook live sales at least once a week, shipping their unique style clothing all over the USA.

I asked Bee to share about Fat Fancy, clothing consumption and our planet and of course all about the incredible indie designers that Fat Fancy stocks.

Meet the Owner of Plus Size Consignment Store and Fat Fancy Founder, Bee!

Fat Fancy plus size consignment store ©2019

Chaya: Why is Fat Fancy an important staple in the community?

Bee: Fat Fancy’s mission is to create a comfortable, fun, body positive space for our diverse family of plus size customers and artists to sell and buy clothing, accessories, and body positive merchandise.

We believe that by connecting them to each other we can create a stronger plus size community.

I believe that Fat Fancy is a staple in the community because we make space for people to love themselves and a place to come together in a world where we are told our bodies and ourselves are wrong.

Together we can fight fatphobia through self love and radical fat liberation.

Fat Fancy plus size consignment store ©2019

Chaya: How do you think that buying second hand clothing impacts the environment?

Bee: Clothing consumption, and more specifically fast fashion, is one of the leading causes of pollution. Clothing ends up in landfills where the dyes and chemicals infiltrate the soil.

Clothing is burned and CO2 is released into the air. Making the garments, from synthetic or natural fibers, puts chemicals and plastics into our water and uses fossil fuels.

From packaging the clothing, driving the clothing to stores, ect. We damage the planet.

Our clothing consumption and the rise of fast fashion is such a great harm to the planet that buying second hand is really the only way to stop clothing pollution.


There are already so many great garments in circulation that can be resold.

Chaya: What virtual services do you offer?

Bee: I offer body positive and gender affirming virtual styling services and consults. Let me dress you for any occasion!

These are free form styling sessions where you can talk with me about what your fashion goals are.

In the past, I have styled clients for formal events, work attire, drag shows, vacations, wardrobe overhauls, gender transitions and everything in between.

I am always on the hunt for people and brands who share Fat Fancy’s vision of self love and radical fat liberation! Bee of Fat Fancy 

Fat Fancy plus size consignment store ©2019

Chaya: What’s your favorite part about owning and operating Fat Fancy?

Bee: THE PEOPLE!! My passion in life is connecting with people in a meaningful way that helps them love themselves. I get to do that through fashion.

If you come into my shop, you best bet I am going to try and get to know you on a personal level. Some people come to me not ever having loved their body.

Those are my favorite clients.

I get to be a cheerleader for them and watch such a beautiful transformation when they put on something and maybe feel beautiful for the first time.

Chaya of Mechanic Femme in pieces from fat Fancy shot by Suma Jane dark
Chaya in Fat Fancy finds. Shot by Suma Jane Dark

Chaya: Fat Fancy also carries some indie designers like Chubby Cartwheels. Can you share what designers you carry and why you choose them?

Bee: I carry a rotation of local and distant designers and artists at the shop. Some of the designers I carry are Chubby Cartwheels, Squirrel vs. Coyote, Shelbey Bergen, Shoog McDaniel,  Sirens Song Stitchery, Queer Kuntry, Fat Designer, Fat Girl Flow, Chubby Mermaids, Nalgona Positivity Pride, and WAY more.

I am always on the hunt for people and brands who share Fat Fancy’s vision of self love and radical fat liberation!

I chose them because I know they are doing the work of body love too.

If anyone wants to be chosen for the shop all I ask is that you email me at Send us some pictures of your work and a little about yourself.

You can learn more, plan a trip, and shop at

It’s been a year since I’ve visited Fat Fancy but I can’t forget the store. Bee is a joyous memorable human. This experience I had to share with you, so you can experience that too.

Next time you are itching to shop for something different, hop on Facebook and check out one of Fat Fancy’s Facebook live sales and glamorous Instagram feed.

Make sure to check out this and other plus size resell boutiques to support and shop!

Written by Chaya Milchtein

Chaya Milchtein is the driving force behind Mechanic Shop Femme. As an automotive educator, speaker and writer, she’s made it her life’s mission to educate women and LGBT people about their cars. Chaya believes in empowering people to live their best lives and uses her platform to prove that people (especially femmes) can do anything they want in the bodies they have. Chaya’s work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Go Magazine, and others. She lives with her fiancée and tortoise in Wisconsin. Follow her on twitter @mechanicfemme.

This post originally appeared and was written by Chaya Milchtein on


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